Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2012 Goals and Timeline

At the beginning of the year, I created a post with my 2012 Goals and Timeline, but never published it because for some reason it eschewed my whole blog. So here is a revamped list of my 2012 goals with updates on what has been accomplished so far this year.  The timeline will have to wait for another post.

My 2012 Goals:
  1. Resume daily Ashtanga practise now that I am in 2nd trimester
  2. Hire a housekeeper - best thing that I've done all year!
  3. Look into international midwifery work - ongoing, definitely thinking of pursuing Médecins Sans Frontières as they have short assignment midwifery positions available.
  4. Finish all house projects including baby room - baby room completed, only a few more rooms to go!
  5. Find a yoga teaching job even if it is for only 1 day - have not had time for this, but hopefully can do so after the baby is born.
  6. Look for ways to volunteer and give back
  7. Apply to DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practise in Nurse Midwifery) Program at Frontier - contemplating waiting a year before resuming.
  8. Pay off IVF incurred debt - working on it!
  9. Money - save more, invest more - saving more, but waiting on investing until we are out from under the IVF debt.
(9 is my lucky number, so I'll end there!)

Our 2012 (Ongoing) House Projects:
  • Paint master bedroom
  • Paint master bath
  • Paint guest room - to be done this week and next
  • Paint baby room
  • Paint laundry room - - to be done this week and next
  • Paint main bath
  • Buy, paint and hang 9 new doors - my fix-it-all, handyman of a husband is working on this now
  • Master and main bath remodel including floors 
  • New drapes x 4 rooms, Roman shade x 1
  • White trim throughout house - ditto as above
  • Re-paint previous white trim in semi-gloss white
  • Paint bannister and handrail
  • Hire painters for living room, hallways and stairway
  • Purchase new double ovens
  • Purchase wine fridge to replace trash compactor
  • Hire painter to paint all insets and cabinetry, including kitchen cabinets

It seems like I have accomplished much since 2012 came into focus, but my list does not reflect it as much.  I have literally organised, cleaned, purged and styled every room in the house.  My husband came back from deployment to a completely new and refreshed house.  My last projects that I am going to work on is painting the laundry room (now that my husband is home to move the washer and dryer) and paint the guest room.  My dear spouse has just finished all of the trim, new doors and cabinetry painting in the baby's room (so glad that is all done!) and is now working on the master and guest bedroom.  Our main big things are the kitchen cabinetry painting along with sky high cathedral ceilings in the living room (will probably hire out on the latter) and the remodelling of our guest and master baths.  I am hoping, with all fingers and toes crossed, that we can get everything done in the next 3 months.  I would really love to enjoy our home, completed, after the baby is born and definitely before we have to move again.  It will be so nice just to have everything finished and accomplished.

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