Wednesday, November 23, 2011


For those not in the fertility acronym know, BFP = Big Fat Positive!

Monday morning before work I decided to do an early home pregnancy test (HPT) since I had 2 sticks.  I figured I would test Monday and Tuesday and then have my blood drawn on Wednesday.  I had no expectation of being positive at this point.  I had already had so many negative HPTs, that I did not hold much hope for a positive one.  I urinated on the stick (First Response) and then hopped in the shower.  As I was showering I even told myself, "Don't be disappointed when it is negative.  It is still very early."  After my shower, I decided to have a quick peek.  And then a double look.  Then a close up squinty inspection.  I could not believe it.  There were actually 2 lines - one dark, one light.  How could that possibly be???

I quickly readied for the day, and then called my RE office.  I really thought they would tell me to still keep my Wednesday appointment, but instead they squealed with glee and told me to come in right away.  On my way to work I swung by and had my blood drawn for my quantitative B-hCG and progesterone levels.  As I was coming out of the room after blood draw, all the nurses were lined up to say congratulations and give me big hugs.  It was so incredibly sweet!

I received a call from one of the RNs later that day saying my quant level was at 165 and my progesterone was good at over 40.  

At this point, I was still trying to fetter my joy.  I was extremely happy, but I still knew that my quant could go down, I could have a spontaneous abortion (SAB),  and any number of things could go wrong.  I have seen 2 patients in the last week who had a loss between 4-6 weeks, and so I did not want to let myself become too excited or committed to thinking I was indeed pregnant.

It is hard for my husband and I to talk since he is 9.5 hours ahead of me and working a variety of shifts, but I shared the news with my husband in Afghanistan that night via Skype.  I just held up the HPT stick to the camera.  He was shocked and happy and then a bit sad that he was missing it all thousands of miles away.

This was 10 dpt (days post-transfer).  

Now today, on 12 dpt, my quant is 362 (more than doubled!) and my progesterone is still really good (thanks to all those self-inflicted IM injections!).  

Next up is an ultrasound at 6 weeks and 5 days on 12 December.  I am hoping for twins (although my husband is definitely not!), but I will be happy for a singleton.  I just want a very healthy, happy baby that makes it to term.  That is all that really matters.


  1. Thanks Leslie - thanks for being there for me throughout all of this!

  2. So thrilled for you Laura! What wonderful news! I can't imagine how hard it was to share it so many miles apart, but I'm grateful you have Skype & didn't have to just write a letter that would take weeks to arrive like years ago! ((hugs!))

  3. I'm very excited Christy, but it still feels surreal and not yet true. I know - it was nice for him to see the stick on the webcam. :) Anxiously awaiting my US on 12/12!