Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 10

Today is day 10 for me. I have taken the 5 days of Clomid and had an ultrasound this morning. It seems the Clomid only worked on my right ovary but I have 4 follicles greater than 10mm plus a few more. Nothing on my left greater than 10.

Will be giving myself the hCG "trigger" injection this evening to force ovulation and then going in for the spin and wash sperm cycle and IUI on Sunday. Even though I am a nurse and am completely okay with giving injections - I am not looking forward to giving myself an injection.

I definitely was shocked by the cost of this round of IUI. $310 for today and another $300 for Sunday. Insurance paid for Clomid but nothing else. After living in Europe where fertility treatments are paid for or covered by insurance, it is disappointing that we find out NOW whilst living in the US that we need fertility treatments and that they are not covered by insurance. We are really hoping that one of these four treatments take (preferably the first one!) as we cannot imagine going through and paying for IVF. I know many people have had success with it but I have watched a friend go through 2 cycles of IVF with such struggle. Thankfully she now is pregnant after her 2nd attempt, but everything she went through was heartbreaking.

Ahhhh the stress! I must think positively, keep stress at bay and go hop on my mat. Ashtanga always makes everything better!

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