Thursday, November 3, 2011

November - Good Karma Mandatory!

Since my husband left in early October for his 6 months of working abroad, something has gone wrong every single day.
  • My car battery died on 2 separate days and I had to sort out how to jump my car from a instructional pamphlet.
  • I got a stress fracture in my right foot from running.
  • I re-injured my right SI joint while running.
  • I had a chiro appointment to help my back and it some how made it worse!  I ended up not being able to walk for 2 days.
  • After thinking we had all our IVF costs covered, the pharmacy called and told me my meds would be $3500!  I about had a heart attack.  I had no idea they would be so much, nor did we have that kind of money lying around after draining our savings of $9000 to pay for the IVF.
  • I became so stressed and overwhelmed over the IVF costs, that I ended up in the ER with PVCs!
  • Our pool pump broke.
  • 2 windows in our house broke and would no longer shut.
  • My washer machine flooded the laundry room.
  • I came home to diarrhea all over 2 of bathroom floors from one of my dogs who became sick while I was at work.
  • I came home one day to find a policeman in my house saying my alarm was going off and ADT could not reach me - they thought I was injured or incapacitated in the house.  Oh great!
  • I tried twice to insert an IUD and failed - very humiliating.
  • I was told by a patient that my Leopold's were too strong and that I was hurting her.  She told me normally my midwife preceptor touched her gently like a feather.  I just wanted to tell her that there was no way she could possibly feel her baby if she just barely touched her.  Instead I apologised and tried to touch her like a freaking butterfly.
  • There was one full day of clinic where it seemed like I did everything wrong and my midwife made sure I knew it.
  • I scored a 70% on 2 separate quizzes - the lowest grades I have made in nurse midwifery school thus far.
  • My mac book flipped out and my keyboard would not work for a day.  Unfortunately I have no time to take it in for a repair.
  • A new gas line was ran in order to install a gas cooktop replacing our electric glass cooktop.  The line was ran wrong and so a drawer was pulling against the line - I ended up with a lovely gas leak and another 4 hour repair.
All this in the month of October.  

This mandates that from here on out, from November on, nothing but good shall happen.  All good karma, all good luck.  Nothing but fairy dust and fairy tales coming true.  I am believing on it. 


  1. yikes! That's a laundry list. This too shall pass... keep that in mind! I know there are good times to come. :)

  2. So far November has been MUCH better. Hoping that this IS the golden month. :)