Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ghana bound

I have decided to do an elective in Ghana via Work the World in September when I am on my 3 week break between summer and fall terms. There I will be working in a hospital in Takoradi - a 4 hour drive west of Accra along the coast of the Gulf of Guinea. The experiences other midwives and students have had sound phenomenal. I am quite excited to go, albeit a bit nervous as I have never been to Africa and do not know what to expect of the country or the healthcare. I imagine it will be quite shocking at first and not at all what we are use to in our Western industrialised nations.

To enter Ghana I had to have a pre-travel appointment with the travel clinic and found I needed both Typhoid (only good for 5 years and my last was in 1991) and Yellow Fever, which certification of receipt is required to enter Ghana. Upon receiving the news that I was not pregnant (again) I quickly secured my vaccinations since you cannot take either whilst pregnant due to the live viruses they contain.

This now delays my next IUI since I need to wait a month before trying to conceive after taking these vaccinations. I was a bit skeptical about trying another round of IUI in May though, as both Malaria meds are pregnancy C category and if pregnant, I cannot take Doxycycline at all. I also read that mosquitos are more attracted to pregnant women (hence why many pregnant women in Ghana also have malaria), so I am a bit leery about that. I am following up with my physician to ensure it will be okay to be pregnant and go to Ghana. I definitely do not want to work so hard to get pregnant to then put my baby or myself at risk of being infected with a disease.

I have asked for a consultation with my physician, but it seems that all appointments are booked up for consults until May. That is a bit disappointing. I am hoping to get in before we do our next round as I would like to discuss our short term and long term options. Obviously I know we can do another 2 rounds of IUI, but there are further issues to contemplate. I will be gone to Ghana for 3 weeks in September, and sometime around September my husband will also be leaving on business for 4+ months. We hope to inquire about sperm freezing as well as speak about our options with IVF to include how it would work if my husband is gone, financing, risks, etc. I never thought I would consider IVF, but it looks like we are heading that way. I just do not know how it will work with me being out of country most of September and my husband leaving the same month. Possibly we have to do egg retrieval and insemination before he leaves with implantation after I return? These are the questions I would like to learn answers to.

I will be 39 this November. I feel like my time is running out. I want to be pregnant before I turn 40 as success rates after 40 drastically decrease while risks of Down's Syndrome and other age related issues increase.

Gosh. Hoping for a miracle!


  1. Lots to think about & consider. I know you will make the best decision for you!

  2. It's a definite hard one. Not sure what we are going to do yet!