Saturday, March 26, 2011


... aka Big Fat Negative.

Took a pregnancy test on Wednesday and it was negative. Started spotting on Friday. Period started in full force today, Saturday. This has got to be THE worst period I have ever had - heavy bleeding, countless golf ball size clots and the worst cramps I have ever experienced. I do not like taking meds, but I have taken 2 Fioricets and 4 ibuprofen. I was going to head down the Percocet way, but am finally feeling some relief. Thankfully! I am not sure if the medicines I am taking to get pregnant are having a direct impact on my menstrual period or not. My physician said Clomid can increase bleeding and dysmenorrhea with periods. I also added progesterone suppositories to this round, so maybe that also has an impact?

Sorely disappointed again, but at least we are only out $250 instead of $500 (although $250 is not small change either).


  1. Thanks. It's hard to keep facing month after month. It definitely does not get easier!