Sunday, August 28, 2011

OCPs today!

Today I start my oral contraceptive pills (OCPs) - ortho cyclen.  I have never been more excited to start OCPs in my life!  I have been off of them for 10+ years now, but with my current 5 day long periods, heavy bleeding and 3 days of intense cramping, I am ready for continuous OCPs for 2 months!

It will be especially nice not to have to have a period while I am in Ghana.  T-5 days until I leave!

OCPs may seem counterintuitive to IVF, but the RE uses them to suppress your own hormones in order to manipulate them externally to induce the greatest chance of high egg count retrieval and implantation with transfer.

Spoke with IVF coordinator at my RE office.  She said she would get a calendar to me out this week via email of what I need to do for the next 2 months in preparation for our first round of IVF.  More to follow!

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