Sunday, November 13, 2011


No, not extraterrestrial (although it all feels very sci-fi), but rather embryo transfer.

I had my only 2 embryos (1-8 cell B with clean margins and 1-4 cell B with fragmented edges) transferred on Friday - day 2 and a very auspicious day - 11/11/11.

Here are my little embies on day 2 - I call them Violet & Poppy.  I am hoping with all hope that at least one of them (although I would love to have twins!) stick and stay, and develop into a lovely little baby.

The embryos are too small to see with the naked eye, but in this short clip of my ET, you can see little white dots (air bubbles and fluid surrounding the embyros) on US.

I am feeling a bit crampy (hoping that is implantation!) but overall doing well.  Still a tiny sore from my egg retrieval (where my RE punctured the vaginal wall bilatterally in order to retrieve eggs from both ovaries), but I am feeling better each day.  I have Friday-Monday off, so that has been a blessing.  I have been doing lots of lounging, resting and relaxing along with trying to work out my landmarks for the IM (intramuscular) self-injection of 1 mL of progesterone in oil (PIO) every night.  This sounds easier than it is.  I am still trying to master it!  So easy to do on another person, a painful quagmire to do on myself.

Ay!  Now, there is nothing to do but wait.  The dreaded 2 week wait (2ww).  I am hoping this 2ww goes by quickly and yields a positive hCG.  My beta hCG will be on the 23rd of November (the day before Thanksgiving, how apropos!), and I can do a home test 1-2 days before although it can give a false-negative.  Not sure yet what I will do.  I do not want to get disappointed early, but I also want to know as soon as possible.  Hoping I can stay sane and positive throughout the duration of this 2ww!

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