Tuesday, July 5, 2011

To Do List

  1. Read 333 pages in Varney's Midwifery and Williams Obstetrics about prenatal care and normal pregnancy.
  2. Finish laundry - only 4-5 loads left!
  3. Reschedule hair appointment that I missed today - knew my appointment was Tuesday, but thought today was Monday. I blame the holiday.
  4. Enter 21 patients into Typhon* system. This term I am bound and determined to keep on top of my logging instead of leaving it to the last minute and then scrambling to enter 200+ patients at once.
  5. As per #4, leave the last-minute-Laura days behind.
  6. Return to practising Ashtanga tomorrow if my ladies holiday^ is over.
  7. Life insurance physical and grocery shop Wednesday.
  8. HSG with saline Friday.
  9. Study, study, study this week due to no clinic/hospital days (preceptor is on holiday).
  10. Sleep, sleep, sleep this week due to #9.
  11. Complete antepartum case study and worksheet, and write a SOAP note on an unique patient by next Friday.
  12. Find a unique patient by next Friday.
  13. Prepare for garage sale - price, organise, set-up - must sell many things!
  14. Hopefully some time in the next 2 weeks: have some fun!

*Typhon is a patient tracking log for nurse midwives and nurse practitioners in order to account for all the types of patients one sees as a student along with how many births one attends.

^In Ashtanga yoga, female practitioners are meant to abstain from practice during their monthly menstrual cycle.

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