Friday, July 22, 2011

MRI Results

The preliminary results of my MRI came back today.  Report read a "couple" of endometrial invasion islets in the myometrium were noted with only one measurement of 1 cm.  What was seen is consistent with adenomyosis.  I am not sure how many a couple is (2 as seen by US?), and why the others were not measured, but my RE is going to review the films herself and give me a full report in person on August 5.

In the meantime, I am on my 3rd week of acupuncture and have noticed a big difference in my energy, back pain (caused by a previously sprained lower SI joint) and mood.  I am hoping it will have an effect on my cycle this month as well.

I've added 600 IU of vitamin E at bedtime, magnesium 300 mg/d, and vitamin B6 50 mg/d.  I am also drinking a loose chinese herbal tea twice daily that my acupuncturist created for my particular symptoms.

I plan to buy DIM this week as I have read up on it and it says that it speeds excretion of estradiol thereby increasing the metabolism of estradiol and decreasing serum (or circulation of) estradiol levels.  Recommended dose is 600-1200 mg/d.

A variety of websites recommend progesterone cream as well, but I am going to wait to discuss this with my RE as I do not want it to interfere in our pregnancy attempts.

The good news is:  It is NOT cancer (thank god!) and in the end, that we can still go through with our last IUI attempt this August and if that does not work, attempt IVF in October.

The bad news is:  My RE thought we could do the transfer before my husband leaves in October.  However, the lab is closed for most of the month.  So it looks like my husband will have to make several donations, have his sperm frozen and then I go through with the embryo transfer solo.  Not my ideal situation, but it is either that or wait 6 months and watch my age increase by one year and my fertility to decrease even more.

Nope, better to get the good eggs out now before they expire!

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